W-101 Pressure

Manual Spray Gun

A professional pressure feed spray gun for general industry applications also available in two other variants, suction and side feed gravity.

The W101 pressure feed spray gun has a 295g light weight body with slim lined ergonomically balanced features which when combined help to reduce RSI (Repetitive strain injuries). With minimal wearable internal components the W101 is a very reliable and more importantly durable piece of equipment. The W101 is equipped with the Anest Iwata conical shaped air caps which help to reduce paint build up and stops gun spits, plus the application with the tulip shaded spray pattern gives the professional painter a flat and even lay down due to its consistent atomization.

The Anest Iwata W101 comes with a wide range of nozzles and air cap options. The W101 also comes in a hard wearing coating making the W101 is easy to maintain and easy to clean.

Features & Highlights

Stainless Steel Fluid Passages
Ergonomic Design