The W300WB UV is fitted with the patented Split nozzle. The pre-atomisation technology helps to sheer the UV material giving you a lower surface tension on primer laydown and a flatter reduced orange effects on the clears. The split nozzle technology also allows you to reduce the operating pressures while still achieving outstanding atomisation.

The W300WB UV has a medium flat and even fan pattern which is ideal for small to medium repairs. The combination of the medium size pattern and the controlled split nozzle fluid delivery enables the painter to apply the UV products in a controlled manner reducing overspray and overload of the UV product.

W300WB UV operates at an above 65% compliant transfer efficiency do its reduced recommended operating pressure of 1.5bar. This helps to reduce costs and emissions in a busy body shop environment.

Features & Highlights

Split Nozzle™ Technology
Reduced Noise Level
Stainless Steel Fluid Passages

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