Manual Spray Gun

The ALG 7WB is an airless spray gun ideal for fast but efficient application of both water based and solvent materials, with a transfer efficiency of over 95% there is very little over spray or paint waste with this gun.


The ALG7 is available in two trigger options: firstly with its longer trigger and the ALG72 TE WB with its shorter trigger. The triggers load is of 2.26 kgf and they are designed to reduce RSI (repetitive strain injury) which is caused by long periods of operating fatigue.

No special tools required when carrying out maintenance on the ALG airless guns just a standard spanner and Allen key is all that is needed to service these exceptionally robust pieces of equipment.

Maximum operating pressure rating of 250bar (25MPa) and body weight of 415g fitted with a removable 100 mesh filter.

Features & Highlights

05 Stainless Steel Fluid Passages 3 Stainless Steel Fluid Passages
6 Standard nozzle Standard Technology
08 Ergonomic Design 3 Ergonomic Design