Multi-Component Dosing
and Mixing Units

The Anest Iwata Multispray Mix units are the latest addition to our Paint Feeding Equipment line-up. Highly modular and future-proof they are the perfect companion for large Industries.
Developed and produced to deliver exactly what you and your business need.

Features & Highlights

15 Precise Spray Pattern Control 3 ATEX Certified Versions Available
05 Stainless Steel Fluid Passages 3 Meets Exactly Your Requirements
19 Quick Rinse and Color Change High-Precision Dosing Components

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Multispray Mix's Innovative Technology

ACCV - Automatic Color Change Valve

The internal design of the ACCV allows it to work from as low pressures as 3.5 bar. This guarantees smooth operation under busy air supply conditions.


Adjustable needle stroke to ensure the right quantity of fluid gets delivered at each port of the stainless steel body.


Connections for recirculation allow constant movement of products which otherwise could potentially sediment.


Highly modular design: being simply stacked upon each other, more ACCV means more color changing options.

AMV - Automatic Material Valve

The perfect match for the Anest Iwata ACCV


Highly effective: The perfect compatibility with the ACCV ensures lowes material waste when flushing.


Quick and easy maintenance possible by using a single Allen key.


Long lasting solvent resistant PTFE-seals and durable stainless steel body.


Anest Iwata have more than 90 years of experience in the coating equipment in providing spray guns with the most advanced atomization technology, the Split Nozzle™, that comes from an attentive Japanese craftmanship in combination with a pioneer mind and that is part of the innovative Anest Iwata experience.
You can find your closest Anest Iwata dealer by contacting one of our subsidiaries in your country. You can know which subsidiary is the closest to you by putting your zip code in our subsidiary finder.
You can ask your Anest Iwata dealer or contact your closest subsidiary. You can find the latter by putting your zip code in our subsidiary finder.
To choose a spray gun for your application you can start by using our filtering option in the product section.
The second step is to ask your closest Anest Iwata dealer for suggestions concerning the right model and set-up of your spray gun.
You can buy your spare parts from your Anest Iwata dealer. To find out which is the spare part you need you can use our Spare Parts Finder.
Yes! In addition to manual spray guns for car refinishing we also provide a wide range of automatic spray guns, pumps or other accessories for the Industry usage. You can go through them by using the filtering option to select the area of application you are interested in.
Our spray guns are developed to offer a variety of adjustments in order to perform well, under several environmental conditions and paint viscosities.
In order to adjust the spray pattern properly you can follow this checklist here below:

1. Make sure you apply the correct pressure
2. Adjust the fan patter with the spray gun tester
3. Adjust the spraying distance with the spraying procedure written in the manual
4. If this is still not working properly contact your Anest Iwata dealer
To adjust your spray gun, you can go through the check list here below:

1. Clean inspection: Is it done properly? Please check the status of the needle and nozzle and eventual air cap clogging of holes
2. Technical check: check the air pressure and try to re-adjust the fan pattern.
3. Make sure that needle and nozzle and air cap, show no signs of damage.
4. If the performance remains insufficient please contact your Anest Iwata dealer

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