AZ1 HTE2 Pressure

Manual Spray Gun

The AZ1 enables both experienced and less experienced sprayers to obtain high quality and consistent finishing with its exceptional particle distribution and very little overspray.

AZ1 HTE2 Pressure

The AZ1 HTE-2 pressure spray guns come it two formats, first is the short pattern cap option with a tulip-shaped spray pattern of 240mm and the second option which is the flatter 410mm long pattern. Both these two options give you the ability to choose the right cap for the application you require.

The AZ1 Pressure gun is available in a wide range of nozzle configurations from 1.0mm to 3.5mm which means the AZ1 can cover most market application requirements.

The AZ1 has stainless steel fluid passages, with the body coated in a chrome covering this makes the gun easy to maintain and even easier to clean.

Features & Highlights

6 Standard nozzle Standard Technology
08 Ergonomic Design 3 Ergonomic Design