Gravity Spray Gun for Genral Industry

The Air Gunsa AZ3 HTE-2 is one of the lightest and best balanced spray guns available on the market. It is the gun that is ideal for those operating in the automotive and industrial sectors and is known for its excellent performance at low cost. The AZ3 HTE-2 is also available in the HVLP (High Volume Low Pressure) version, known for its versatility and reduced overspray.


The AZ3 HTE-2 (HVLP) with its ergonomic design, together with the smooth action of the trigger, help reduce Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI).

The AZ3 HTE-2 has a wide range of nozzle configurations (from 1.0 mm to 3.5 mm in diameter), which is able to offer the end user a wide range of opportunities thanks to its versatility in multiple applications.

AZ3 HTE-2 is compatible, through suitable adapters, with the most popular disposable cup series available on the market.

Features & Highlights

6 Standard nozzle Standard Technology
08 Ergonomic Design 3 Ergonomic Design
06 Multiple cup Option 3 Adaptability