Manual gravity fed spray gun


The HVLP (High volume low pressure) technology together with the pre-atomisation Split nozzles maximize the tulip shaped spray pattern enhancing the distribution of the droplets and making application and performance floorless.

A large range of Split nozzle sizes are available from 1.0mm to 2.0mm combined with only one cap makes this gun a very versatile piece of equipment.

It is compatible with 3M PPS cups, using the optional adapter type 6.

Features & Highlights

5 Split nozzle 1 Split Nozzle™ Technology
03 Reduced Noise Level 1 3 Reduced Noise Level
05 Stainless Steel Fluid Passages 3 Smooth Trigger Action

Find Your Spare Parts

Gravity Cup Air Cap/Fluid Nozzle + Fluid Needle Needle Packing Cartridge Set Trigger Set Air Flow Control Valve Air Valve Set Fluid Needle Guide Set Pattern Adjustment Set
Air Cup Set LV4 (for all nozzles)#93875602 Options
Needle Packing Cartridge#03810620
E Stopper#03912030 Trigger Set#03597530 Trigger Stud#03667360
Pattern Adjustment Set#03577620
Fluid Needle Guide Set#93844532 Fluid Adjustment Knob#93594532 Fluid Needle Spring#03593530
Air Valve Shaft#93935430 Air Valve Seat Set#03843530 O Ring#06638008 Air Valve#03591530 Air Valve Spring#03719530
Air Flow Control Valve#93845531