Our Premium Spot Repair Specialist

Our Premium Spot Repair Specialist


Whether spraying at 0.2bar/3psi to 1.0bar/14.5psi the atomisation of the LVLP (Low volume low pressure) LPH80 stays consistent and uniform which is essential for achieving a successful small spot repair on both base and clears.

The LPH80 flat fan pattern distributes the fluid evenly meaning it’s never centre wet. This gives you an easy to blend application allowing smaller areas to be succesully repaired whilst still achieving excellent right first time colour match results.

The LPH80’s compact size and 205g weight combined with the outstanding ergonomic body make the LPH80 ideal for long and productive days of spraying.

Features & Highlights

6 Standard nozzle Standard Technology
03 Reduced Noise Level 1 3 Reduced Noise Level
05 Stainless Steel Fluid Passages 3 Stainless Steel Fluid Passages

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