The most advanced pre-atomisation technology, ‘Split Nozzle™2.0’, was developed exclusively for the Series 2 spray guns to offer unrivalled performance with all new and traditional types of auto refinish paint, as well as all application types and climates.

HVC inline manometer is recommended and available for accurate performance and colour reproduction.

Anest Iwata and Pininfarina pushed the boundaries of the original design of the WS/LS-400, resulting in a more contoured, lightweight body with improved balance.

Features & Highlights

Split Nozzle™ 2.0 HVLP Base Split Nozzle™ 2.0 HVLP Base
Designed by Pininfarina 2 Designed by Pininfarina
03 Reduced Noise Level 1 3 Lower Noise Level
Optimized Setting 2 Optimized Setting
Using the WS-400 Series 2

"My first impression was absolutely positive…
it‘s lighter, faster and more even compared to its predecessor and I think we even saved some material."

- Markus Feller, Auto Christian Gmbh

Find Your Spare Parts

Gravity Cup Air cap Fluid nozzle + Fluid needle Needle Packing Cartridge Set Trigger Set Air Valve Set Pattern Adjustment Set Fluid Needle Guide Set Air Flow Control Valve
Air Cap Ring LS (Green)#93008060 Air Cap Packings Set (2 PCS)#93018310 Nozzles and Needle Set
PC-G600P-2 Gravity Cup#140081A0 Non Drip#940221A0 Lid#940222A0
Needle Packing set#93810620
E Stopper#96612025 Trigger#93008890 Trigger Stud#93505860
Torx Socket Countersunk Head Screws#93512741 Pattern adj. Knob LS (Green)#93008820 Pattern Adjustment Set#93008420
Fluid Needle Spring Set#93002820 Fluid Adjustment Screw#93505823 Fluid adj. knob LS (Green)#93008860 Torx Socket Countersunk Head Screws#93512741 Fluid Adjustment Guide Set#93008840
Air Valve#93001690 Air Valve Spring#93001700 Air Valve Shaft#93001790 Air Valve Seat Set#93001640
Air Adjustment Set#93008871 Torx Socket Countersunk head Screw#93512741 Pattern adj. Knob LS (Green)#93008820