The most powerful of the versatile Multi-Spray iCon pump series with a ratio of 36:1 grants a max. fluid output of 5.2 l/min at a max. pressure of 252 bar. Ideal for high pressure applications.

It is suitable for many applications areas of the industrial sector. Ideal for wood or metal painting, exterior frames or boat repairs. Being available with either Hopper set or Suction tube plus the optional wall mount, you'll find exactly what you need.

Another strong point for our Icon pump series is their excellent reliability. Paired with the fact that they are easy to disassemble, maintain and re-assemble, they'll not fail to convince.

Features & Highlights

17 Easy Maintenance 3 Easy Maintenance
25 Stainless Steel 3 Stainless Steel
26 Double Action Pilot Valve Double Action Pilot Valve

Find Your Spare Parts

Air Regulator Set Air Motor Set Paint Filter Set Fluid Pump Set Suction Hose Set Cart Set Fluid Pump Set
Panel04444640 Air Regulator04444800 T Adaptor - 1/2" Fmf04445850 Nipple - 1/2"04444910 Elbow Union - 1/2" Mf04444930 Reducer - G1/2"-G1/4"04444860 Special Nipple - R1/4" - G1/4"UL30010501 Pressure Gauge04444650 Elbow Union - 1/8"- Ø 604444940 T Adaptor - 1/2" Fff04444850 Elbow Male Adaptor - 1/2"X Ø1204444920 Safety ValveUL30036000 Female Adaptor - 1/4"- Ø604444950 Bulkhead Connector - 1/4"04444870 Elbow Union - 1/8"- Ø 804447940 Air Hose 1 - Ø 6 - 160 Mm04444670 Air Hose 2 - Ø 6 - 200 Mm04447920 Air Hose 3 - Ø 8 - 80 Mm04444680 Air Hose 5 - Ø 12 04447930 Top Mounting Ring04444830 Exhaust Filter 04447820 Elbow Joint - 1/4"04001230 Elbow Union - 1/2" Ø 8 04001130
Bottom Module94938600 Metal Set - Metal Ø 22 X Ø 32 X L22 + Seeger 94938620 “U” Packing + Seeger 94943830 Air Piston94939290 Piston Rod94939300 'O' Ring Ø 5.34 X Ø 145.4204943730 Washer - M16 (2 Pcs.) 96471162 Self Locking Hex. Nut - M1604939460 Cylinder94939270 'O' Ring Set - Ø 3 X Ø 154 (2 Pcs.) 94943740 Pilot Air Hose (2 Pcs.) + ‘O’ Ring (4 Pcs.)94939320 ‘O’ Ring Ø 1.5 X Ø 6.5 (4 Pcs.)96637607 Head Module94939310 Bolt M10 X L180 (4 Pcs.) + Nut M10 (4 Pcs.) + Spring Washer M10 (4 Pcs.)94939480 Module Packing Set (2 Pcs.) 94939350 Bolt With Hex. Hole Set - M5xl35 (2 Pcs.) 94939520 Sub Plate Packing04939340 Sub Plate Air Operating Valve + Sub Plate Packing94946720 Bolt With Hex. Hole Set94939530 Pump Stay "L" - M5x75 (4 Pcs.)04939450 Pump Stay "R" 04939440 Bolt With Hex. Hole + Spring Washer - Bolt M8x16 (4 Pcs.) + Spring Washer M8 (4 Pcs.)94939490 Cylinder Cover94447750 Double Action Pilot Valve94946710 Double Action Pilot Valve94946710
Cylinder0457000100 Body0457000200 Screw0457000300 Nut0457000400 O' Ring06639045 Filter 100 MeshVFM2503 Nipple - R 1/4” M- R 3/8” MUL300453 Drain Valve G1/4” FFUL30090100 Hose Joint R 1/4”M - M8x6UL300302 Union Joint MF 3/8”UL300402 Fluid Output Joint - M 3/8” - G 1/4”MUL30046300
Suction Tube With Flange04001520 Spring Holder04938380 Upper Spring04938370 Upper “V” Packing Male Adaptor04938320 Upper Packings Kit (“V” Packings Pe 3 Pcs.+ Ptfe 2 Pcs.)04001500 Upper “V” Packing Female Adaptor04938350 Packing Nut Kit (Packing Nut+’O’ Ring)940175A0 Thinner Cup04938490 Lower Spring04938360 Lower “V” Packing Male Adaptor04938470 Lower Packings Kit (“V” Packings Pe 3 Pcs. + Ptfe 2 Pcs.)04001510 Lower “V” Packing Female Adaptor04938440 Suction Rod94938400 Valve Holder Packing04938420 Ball 9/16”06662045 Valve Holder Pin04938430 Valve Holder94938410 Suction Tube Packing04000210 Suction Connector94938300 Valve Adaptor94938310 Lower Pin04938390 Adaptor Packing04000140 Ball 1”06662100
Air Motor Set For Icon-M433N04946700 Connecting Rod04938220 Connecting Rod04938220 Connecting Rod04938220 Fluid Pump Set For Icon-M433N04946730 Spring Washer - M1206362120 Hex. Nut - M1206361121 Coupling Set - Icon-M433N Couplings (2 Pcs.) + Bolt With Hexagon Hole (2 Pcs.)94938230 Bolt With Hex. Hole (2 Pcs.) - M4x2094939540 Rod Cover04938240 Fluid Output Packing04938260 Fluid Output Joint04938250
Cart Frame94445680 Handle Frame04444730 Wheel Washer04445720 Wheel Washer04445720 Bolt With Hex. Hole M804447890 Bolt With Hex. Hole M804447890 Hex. Nut M806361081 Washer M806363080 Socket Button Head Screw (4 Pcs.)94444790 Self Locking Ring04447900 Air Regulator Set (1 Pc.) + Socket Button Head Screw (4 Pcs.)94445790
Suction Hose Set0101010000 Suction Hose Set - 15 Mesh - For Icon-M433N & Icon-M433N94444750