SG-HP-G3 and G5

Special Custom Spray Gun

The exclusive G3 and G5 airbrushes with pistol grip of the Eclipse G series look like a miniature spray gun but they spray and behave like great airbrushes. The G series works with most dual piston airbrush compressors such as the power jet range of the Iwata studio series.

SG-HP-G3 and G5

The center feed gravity fed airbrush with its adjustable air inlet air valve (cheater valve) and its stainless steel paint passages make it perfect for the application of a wide spectrum of paints and materials available on the market.

The G series spray guns come in a striking Twilight chrome finish which is easy to clean and maintain. The G series is available in two models which are the HP-G3 with a 112cc pot and the HP-G5 which is available with a 224cc pot.

Ideal for painting and spraying additives on large surfaces like walls, car bodies, tanks. It is also one of the most used spray guns for homogeneous and fast spray applications.

Features & Highlights

6 Standard nozzle Standard Technology
13 Durable Chrome Finish 3 Durable Chrome Finish