The most advanced atomization
at low pressures

New technology is the engine that drives our continuous lead and not follow mentality to develop the most innovating and advanced spray-painting equipment solutions on the market.

Take a step ahead of the traditional concept.

Anest Iwata has developed a unique atomisation technology- split nozzle –this technology helps you to create the highest possible right first-time results.

The world renowned Anest Iwata patented split nozzle technology has raised the bar of spray-painting application. The slots work in a very unique way forcing the air flow into the centre of fluid jet stream, this increases the spray guns atomisation performance and enables the innovating Anest Iwata engineers to control the size and consistency of the atomisation which are now required for modern day paints and materials. The split nozzle technology increases the balance and stability of the droplets which combined with the flat spray pattern air caps help to reduce such issues as popping and boil on clear coats and mottle and shade on bases coats.

The difference is in the detail.

Split Nozzle Technology
Split nozzle 1

The addition of the slots to the nozzle increases the ability to influence and the atomisation performance.


The air stream is directed towards the centre of the material by the serration of the cuts this starts the atomisation process sooner creating the stabilisation of the droplets.


The enhanced nozzle design optimises the air flow reducing air consumption.

Standard Nozzle Technology
Standard nozzle 1

Proven technology for a wide field of applications.


Traditional spay fan pattern, which is typically centre wet and oval shaped.


Old and reliable technology delivering good results.


The initial concept of the split nozzle gave Anest Iwata engineers the window to explore in greater detail the true defined working parameters needed to take atomisation to the next level. The split nozzle is capable of atomising solvent and water-based liquids precisely, distributing the droplets of the material evenly and more importantly consistently. Whether its Compliant or HVLP technology you require the split nozzles are excellent across all applications in all manor climates and conditions.

Your Benefits at a glance

Fan pattern Optimised Fan Patterns
15 Precise Spray Pattern Control 3 Optimised Paint Delivery
03 Reduced Noise Level 1 3 Low Noise Level

Split Benefits

The Fan patterns of Split Nozzle Spray Guns have a very unique shape. It is perfectly even and flat with a large wet core. This helps to achieve an even laydown of paint, avoiding mottle and creates only little overspray.

Thanks to its unique fan pattern shape and the evenly distributed droplets our Split Nozzle technology helps you to apply just the right amount of paint and even helps you to save material. This keeps the costs low and the quality high.

The low noise levels of the split nozzle technology make working in a spray-painting environment easy and relaxing. Helping you to deliver perfect results every time.