TOF 50

Special Spray Gun

Our specialist spray gun for release-agents. Very unique due to its fan adjustment lock and its bomb-proof durability.

TOF 50

The TOF-50 produces very little overspray due to its low operating pressure of 1bar combined with its wide tulip spray pattern. With its varying fluid output depending on nozzle choice it is possible to control the thinnest of release agent coatings achieving a nice even application.

The compact dropped forged aluminum body makes the TOF50 ergonomically friendly weighing only 227g. The body is perfectly balanced due its central trigger position making it easy to use for long periods at a time.

The TOF 50 gives you durable corrosion resistant internal stainless-steel passages and the ability of fine adjustment with the lockable pattern adjusters and the smooth action of the responsive trigger.

Features & Highlights

6 Standard nozzle Standard Technology
08 Ergonomic Design 3 Ergonomic Design