Special Spray Gun

Our specialist spray gun for release-agent-release. Very unique due to its fan adjustment lock and its bomb-proof durability.


The low overspray and the soft yet perfectly controllable fan pattern make it possible to apply thinnest release-agent films.

Thanks to the several options offered, with either Round or Standard Patterns, and 2-Way or 3-Way versions available, the TOF Automatic series will offer what you are looking for.

The TOF-5B and 6B are almost bomb proof. And even in the unlikely event of malfunction, the replacement of parts is extremely simple: needle and air valves are made in one piece.

Features & Highlights

12 Broad Range of Nozzle Set Ups 3 Broad Range of Nozzle Set-Ups
6 Standard nozzle Standard Technology
17 Easy Maintenance 3 Easy Maintenance