W-200 Integra Pressure

Manual Spray Gun

The W-200 Integra is the sophisticated successor of Anest Iwata’s current W-200 lineup. As for the previous series, two different versions have been created that offer two different technologies: the Split Nozzle™ SP and the Traditional FT technology.

W-200 Integra Pressure

The W-200 Integra with its new gun body modifications and aesthetically pleasing design helps give the professional painter a whole new effortless application experience. With its sleek new lines, the Integra helps increase the ergonomic feel of the gun.

The new W-200 Integra is designed for easy maintenance with few deeper and coarser thread pitches on the air caps this means only one and a half turns is required to remove the cap for cleaning. Also, the back of the needle has been reshaped to make it easier to remove and re-attach.

The W-200 Series 2 has a new linear fan adjuster for an even greater and more responsive fine incremented adjustment, this new feature also helps when precise adjustment is needed and a faster full fan to spot is required for those difficult to reach areas.

Features & Highlights

5 Split nozzle 1 Split Nozzle™ Technology
08 Ergonomic Design 3 Ergonomic Design
Easy Maintenance Easy Maintenance