W-300 WB

The W-300 range of flat nozzles is ideal for detail work due to its shorter patterns and lower fluid outlets, making it a great all-rounder. The resistance piece is the W-300 WB which is equipped with the split nozzle. This technology helps achieve reduced orange peel in highlights and a flatter, streak-free application of difficult base coats.

W-300 has two types of fan pattern, the first one is W-300 WB with split nozzle technology. It has a longer, flatter pattern with tight, consistent drops for premium applications. The second is the flat nozzle fan pattern which are smaller and more elliptical, these are good for smaller applications in general industries

W-300 works a transfer efficiency more than 65% with its recommended operating pressure reduced to 1.5 bar. This helps reduce costs and emissions in a busy auto body shop environment..

Features & Highlights

5 Split nozzle 1 Split Technology
03 Reduced Noise Level 1 3 Reduced Sound Level
05 Stainless Steel Fluid Passages 3 Stainless Steel Fluid Parts

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Gravity Cups 600 ml/200 ml Air Cap/Fluid Nozzle + Fluid Needle Needle Packing Cartridge Set Trigger Set Air Flow Control Valve Air Valve Set Fluid Needle Guide Set Pattern Adjustment Set
Air Cup Set WB1 (for all nozzles)#93592621 Options
Needle Packing Cartridge#03810620
E Stopper#03912030 Trigger Set#03597530 Trigger Stud#03667360
Pattern Adjustment Set#03577620
Fluid Needle Guide Set#93844532 Fluid Needle Spring#03593530 Fluid Adjustment Knob#93594532
Air Valve Shaft#93935430 Air Valve Seat Set#03843530 O Ring#06638008 Air Valve#03591530 Air Valve Spring#03719530
Air Flow Control Valve#93845531