Full Size Automatic
Spray Gun

Improved version of the WA-200 INTEGRA,
it is specific for use with water-based paints.


With conventional technology, the latest version offers a lower chance of air leakage through the air cap due to the air cap cover rings’ new design. Improved thread pitch facilitates removal and fitting with strengthened sealing.

Due to the ability to be unlocked using just a 14 mm socket wrench, the new air valve seat design enhances and makes removal easier.

The new development of the pattern adjustment set creates a linear response of the regulation making it easier to use and more intuitive than the previous version.

Features & Highlights

1 Split nozzle Split Nozzle™ Technology
5 Low Overspray Low Overspray
6 Precise Pattern Control Precise Pattern Control

Find Your Spare Parts

Base Set Air Valve Set Needle Packing Cartrige Set Pattern Adjustment Set Fluid Needle Guide Set Air cap - Fluid Nozzle + Fluid Needle Set
Air Cap Nozzles and Air Caps Set
Needle Packing Set93810620
Pattern Adjustment Set93021700
Air Nipple G/1/4''93502621 Half Union Ø 8 mm (for “CAP”)96802001 Half Union Ø 6 mm (for “CYL)96802000 Protection Cover93013510 Fixing Bolt93811580
Needle Spring93514580 Piston Spring93513580 Fluid Adjustment Set93021750
O' Ring Set93849620 "Y" Piston Packing Set (2 pcs./1 pk.)93903441 Air Valve Seat Set93013700 Piston93511580