Compact Size
Automatic Spray Gun

Designed for installation and operation of automatic
painting lines within the general industry sector,
this range consists of two models: WIDER1A & WIDER1A R.


The new fluid adjustment feature for the WIDER1A improves and simplifies its disassembly, removal now achievable without the use of any tools.

The portion of the seal that blocks paint flow is constructed of a specific composite material with rubber and fluorinated resin, the choice of components and their coupling provide a longer lifespan of the seal itself.

The new development of the pattern adjustment set creates a linear response of the regulation making it easier to use and more intuitive than the previous version.

Features & Highlights

5 Low Overspray Low Overspray
6 Precise Pattern Control Precise Pattern Control

Find Your Spare Parts

Pattern Adjustment Set Fluid Needle Guide Set Base Set Air cap - Fluid Nozzle + Fluid Needle Set Air cap - Fluid Nozzle + Fluid Needle Set R Needle Packing Cartrige Set Air Valve Set
Air Cap Nozzles and Air Caps Set
Air Cap Nozzles and Air Caps Set
Needle Packing Set93810620
Plug93625371 Pattern Adjustment Set93013470
Fixing Bolt93811580 Protection Cover93013510 Air Nipple G/1/4''93502621 Half Union Ø 6 mm (for “CYL)96802000 Half Union Ø 8 mm (for “CAP”)96802001
Needle Spring93514580 Piston Spring93513580 Fluid Adjustment Set93013711
O' Ring Set93849620 Air Valve Seat Set93013700 Piston93511580 "Y" Piston Packing Set (2 pcs./1 pk.)93903441