Our Pressure Fed Premium Spray Gun

Our Pressure Fed Premium Spray Gun


The WS200 comes in two different technologies: The flat tip nozzle and air cap selection suitable for general industrials and the WS-200SP with its special serrated split nozzles which create the unique Anest Iwata Pre-atomisation. This patented performance makes it the go to gun for many precision applications.

The WS200 is fitted with a new linear pattern adjustment system to help speed up the fan to spot process of the pressure gun, plus the WS200 has a reduced sticking and smoother trigger action giving the painter a really responsive application experience.

With its slim light weight ergonomic dropped forged body plus it’s easy to remove baffle and service air valve seat construction, the WS200 is one of the most reliable pressure guns on the market.

Features & Highlights

5 Split nozzle 1 Split Nozzle™ Technology
03 Reduced Noise Level 1 3 Reduced Noise Level
04 Smooth Trigger Action 3 Smooth Trigger Action

Find Your Spare Parts

Air Cap/Fluid Nozzle + Fluid Needle Buffle Ring Set Pattern Adjustment Set Fluid Needle Guide Set Air Valve Set Air Flow Control Valve Trigger Set Needle Packing Cartridge Set
Air Cup Set WS-200 SP-01 (for all nozzles)#93001300 Air Cap Packing (Transparent)#93001330 Air Cap Packing (White)#93505330 Option
Baffle Ring Set#93007750
Nedle Packing Cartridge Set#03810620
Trigger Bolt#93001960 Trigger Set#93001820 Trigger Stud#93001870
Pattern Adjustment Set#93001561
Fluid Needle Spring Set#93002820 Fluid Needle Spring#93593530 Needle Spring Packing#93001760 Fluid Needle Guide Set#93001710 Fluid Adj. Knob#93001780
Air Valve#93001690 Air Valve Seat Set#93001640 O Ring#93001680 Air Valve Set#93001790 Air Valve Spring#93001700
Air Flow Control Valve#93001801