Manual Spray Gun

The AZ3 HTE is one of the most versatile all-round spray guns available on the market, this mid-range spray gun is ideal for a wide range of markets including Automotive, and general industrial applications.

The AZ3 HTE lightweight well balanced ergonomic body combined with its soft responsive trigger action helps to reduce repetitive strain and fatigue when in use for long periods of time. The AZ3 also only needs 200 L/min (8 cfm) of free air to operate so it’s also a very economical gun to run.

The AZ3 HTE comes in a wide range of nozzle configurations from 1.0mm to 3.5mm giving the end-user a big window of application opportunities with this very versatile spray gun.

The AZ3 HTE is compatible with a number of disposable cup system options available on the market.

Features & Highlights

Ergonomic Design
Standard Technology
Pressure Assisted System