Manual spray gun

The LPH400 is our gravity fed spray gun renowned for its versatility and its outstanding low overspray.


The LPH400 is a HVLP 10psi at the cap (High Volume Low Pressure) spray gun providing high transfer efficiencies at low pressures, this, combined with the pre-atomisation of the split nozzle technology means the gun controls the slightly larger droplets with a low pressure balance, achieving excellent application, speed and control.

The LPH400 is a versatile gravity gun and when HLVP technology is needed this gun hits the mark, the LPH400 is ideal for a wide range of applications were the transfer efficiencies are paramount.

The LPH400 is easy to clean due to its stainless-steel internal paint passages and a twilight Chrome body which always looks stunning after a clean.

Features & Highlights

Split Nozzle™ Technology
Reduced Noise Level
Multi-Spray Technology