JCL Team UKYO - Tour of Oman

February 9th - February 14th 2024

JCL Team UKYO's Oman tour kicked off on February 10, promising exciting and enthralling days across the scenic wonders of this fascinating land. With ride after ride through narrow mountain roads and winding valleys, riders are experiencing a challenge like no other.

From flat, fast stages to mountainous routes that test endurance and determination, each race day offers new challenges and opportunities for JCL UKYO team members to demonstrate their skill and determination.

This experience was exciting and engaging, but it is only the first of long challenges that await our team. With the climax of the tour approaching, every pedal stroke becomes crucial and every strategic move can make the difference between victory and defeat. Racers are ready to give it their all, pushing their physical and mental limits as they approach the finish line.

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