10th - 14th of March 2024

Team JCL UKYO is currently competing in the Tour of Taiwan, a competition that runs from March 10th to March 14th. It is with great excitement that we announce that two team members will appear at the starting line with prestigious leaders' jerseys that they have won during the first days of the race.

Our cyclist Marcelli will stand out wearing the prestigious Mountaineer Award jersey, while Oka will lead the group with the Asia Leader Award jersey. These two exceptional athletes are ready to demonstrate their skill and determination as they challenge themselves and their opponents on this fascinating course.

The team is going through the competition with great determination and commitment, and the results so far are promising. We are confident that we will continue to see Team JCL UKYO shine on the roads of Taiwan, carrying forward the team spirit and passion for cycling.

Stay tuned for further updates on Team JCL UKYO's performance during the Tour of Taiwan.