Immortal greatness and strength:
the Red Dragon is a born leader.

Anest Iwata’s W-400 shares much of the Red Dragons DNA with their honourable ethic’s mentality and cutting edge forward thinking. Try the W-400 Red Dragon and feel the power of its performance!


March 2021

Throughout history the RED DRAGON has had a mystique surrounding its immortal greatness and persona, with strength and power the Red Dragon is a born leader commanding respect from all that come before them. Anest Iwata wants to celebrate one of its masterpieces - W-400 Spray Gun - in a brand new edition which highlights its main features in common with the Red Dragon legendary figure: power, control and high level performance.

Perfect surfaces thanks to the Split Nozzle™ technology.
VOC-compliant professional spray gun (more than 65% transfer efficiency).
Very fine atomization.
Clearly visible reduction of “fat edges”.
Low background noise.
380 g: one of most lightweight spray guns on the market.
Conical Air Cap design, minimum wear parts.
Quality surface for easy cleaning.
Clearer design, easy maintenance.

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