W-200 Suction

Manual Spray Gun

The W-200 suction is generally used for commercial applications were bigger pots are required. The 1 litre pot allows the painter to get around larger applications without need to frequently refill the pot.

The W200 suction gun utilizes a large range of standard flat nozzles for general industrials with nozzle sizes from 1.4mm to 2.5mm. The W200 also comes with Split nozzle options (the pre-atomisation technology) The Serration of the Split nozzle sheers the coating to give you an exceptional application.

The W200 is one of the quietest suction guns on the market needing only 330 litres of free air to run it (12cfm). This means its noise levels are exceptionally low.

The W200 Suction gun is compliant technology and thanks to its revolutionary Hi-tec technology it exceeds the 65% legal requirement.

Features & Highlights

Split Nozzle™ Options available
Reduced Noise Level
Stainless Steel Fluid Passages