Performing Tools

Painting small and medium leather surfaces is very easy with Anest Iwata manual spray guns, which are handy and performing like car refinish ones.


Anest Iwata offers a wide range of spray guns with different nozzle set-ups, both with our Standard and Split Nozzle™ technology.

The large, uniform, flat and yet soft spray pattern coming from our pre-atomization technology grants higher stability in the droplet sizes

High transfer efficiency of paint: less overspray and less air consumption

Products for Leather


Anest Iwata have more than 90 years of experience in the coating equipment in providing spray guns with the most advanced atomization technology, the Split Nozzle™, that comes from an attentive Japanese craftmanship in combination with a pioneer mind and that is part of the innovative Anest Iwata experience.
Anest Iwata Group counts more than 1600 employees worldwide.
Anest Iwata has its sales branches in 18 countries to serve the market at a global level.
The main Anest Iwata factory is in Akita Japan. This is where the production of all our spray guns take place, except W-71 – W-77 that are made in Taiwan and Air Gunsa spray guns which are produced in the North of Italy (in Cardano al Campo, VA).
Yes! In addition to manual spray guns for car refinishing we also provide a wide range of automatic spray guns, pumps or other accessories for the Industry usage. You can go through them by using the filtering option to select the area of application you are interested in.

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